Most of what I do involves writing in some form. For example, this website is almost all text. Whether it's writing stories/books, articles, or scripts for games, most of my projects involve a heavy share of writing and I'm proud that I'm able to deliver a high quality of that; I believe it shows well in my work.

Short Stories

I tend to write short stories alot in order to present a wide variety of themes within my literature without taking years just for one novel. Some of my short stories have become Amazon Best-Sellers and I am proud of them. You may check them out at the link below.

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Storm 7

Storm 7, an elite Special Weapons and Tactics unit, has to overcome one of their toughest operations yet when a major Casino Heist turns bloody. In this gripping novel by Ben Walker, follow ten men through their endeavors and hardships of working together as a team as they try to protect and enforce the law during the most extreme scenarios.

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My portfolio is available here. Or, you could keep scrolling and find my major projects.


oooh.ga is an upcoming text horror/adventure game where you play as Blake Hennman, a horror-enthusiast looking to travel and explore the world. In oooh.ga, you are told about an abandoned theme park, and lust to visit it. But when you do, you'll have to decide if it was all worth it. Be careful though; every choice matters...

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You can contact me by using the form attached, or you can message me on social media.